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As a foreign business owner in the Netherlands, the tax that usually confronts you first is turnover tax. Better known as VAT, this is levied on the price of products you deliver or services you provide. It sounds simple but, because of complicated VAT regulations, it’s not. We can guide you practically and professionally through the maze of VAT rules. Our worldwide network of accountants and advisers are also available to help. In this way, we deliver our added value so that you can run your business with peace of mind.

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What are the issues?

International transactions raise VAT questions for many businesses. Do you have to pay VAT and, if so, where? Where must I register; where do I have to do my return? Perhaps even more important, what should I not include? Your registrations for the international flow of goods and services need to be well-organised, not forgetting to pay VAT on imports. Subject to conditions, in the Netherlands you can apply to defer the payment of VAT on imports.

VAT Advisory Group

VAT legislation is dynamic and complex. If you don’t keep track of developments, you quickly lose the overview. Luckily, you can rely on our VAT specialists in the VAT Advice Group. They monitor all developments closely for you. We inform you promptly of important current VAT topics. With personal and specific advice, you can make changes immediately if necessary.

More than VAT

There’s more to our added value. We are also here to offer you practical advice on other indirect taxes such as transfer tax, excise duties, vehicle tax and import tariffs.

What we offer

Our VAT services are extensive and include:

Knowledge of the sector

Every sector has its own specific VAT rules and key focus areas. Our VAT specialists have a great deal of practical experience, especially in sectors such as property (contractors, investors and project developers), not-for-profit (care, education and other foundations and associations), sport, international trade, travel and automotive. Additionally, we regularly support and advise administration and accountancy firms with no in-house VAT specialists. We also work closely with lawyers and solicitors.


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