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Cross-border employment
Companies work more and more across national borders, due to increasing globalization. These companies recruit employees from abroad, or they send employees abroad. This does not only provide chances, but it also provides risks. Despite the increasing internationalization, cross-border employment is not an easy task.

Practical questions
Cross-border employment raises a lot of practical questions on which you want efficient and quick answers. For example the following questions are relevant in the field of labour law, payroll tax, social security, pensions, respectively payroll administration:

  • Which law is applicable to the employment relationship? What minimum terms of employment are applicable? What judge is competent in case of an employment dispute?
  • Which country is competent to levy payroll tax? How is the prevention of double taxation arranged? Is more than one country competent to levy tax and how should the salary be split? What are the employer's costs and what is the difference between the gross and the net salary? What are the regulations for the compensation of costs and is the 30% facility applicable?
  • What social security system is applicable? What are the consequences in the country of origin of the employee? Is it more sensible to second employees, or to start a new employment relationship?
  • Is it possible for an employee to build up a pension based on his total salary, or is this limited?
  • Where should the payroll administration be carried out? How should the payroll administration be carried out and what are the costs?

The Advisory Group Employment & Salary of MTH is pleased to help you!
Advisors within the Advisory Group Employment & Salary are specialized in the area of cross-border aspects of employment law, wage and income tax, social security and payroll administration. The advisors are working in close co-operation with each other and therefore they are able to provide you with a complete advice with regard to cross-border employment. This is important, because in practice these specific subject areas are also connected.

Moore Stephens International
MTH is a member of Moore Stephens Internatonal, a leading worldwide network of independent accountancy and consulting firms with offices in 105 countries. Therefore, we are not just able to give you advice from a Dutch perspective, but we are also able to involve the knowledge of experienced advisors from other counties in our advice.

The right spirit!
We have combined our specific knowledge in the field of cross-border employment within the International Employment Desk of the Advisory Group Employment and salary. Do you want a distinctive advice, or do you want to get introduced free of charge with our International Employment Desk? Please contact Jochem van den Berg via the contact details on the right.

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